Rohan Murty soon to be re-designated as VP of Infosys

Aug 28 2013, 08:32 IST
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SummaryEarlier, Narayana Murthy had said his son's role was to make the chairman 'more effective'.

If it does go through, it might count amongst the speediest ascents up the corporate ladder in India. Insider reports suggest that Rohan Murty, son of Infosys co-founder and executive chairman Narayana Murthy, who was recently brought along by his father to be his executive assistant, would soon be re-designated to a senior position as vice president in the company.

Rohan Murty

, 30, a Cornell and Harvard-educated PhD in computer science, had joined Infosys in June this year when his charismatic, billionaire-father Narayana Murthy returned as its executive chairman.

But Rohan Murty virtually denied the talk of an impending role change. On Monday morning, he told The Indian Express via email, “My role as the executive assistant has not changed. If I comment on one rumour, I will have to do so for several more in the future.”

His father’s response, emailed at about the same time, was more epigrammatic. “These are internal matters, we will let you know when necessary,” Narayana Murthy said, adding that he is currently immersed in meetings overseas.

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As rumours swirled about the son’s rise at the iconic software services firm, Infosys said in an official statement that Murty’s appointment is pending approval with the ministry of corporate affairs.

Murthy had faced a barrage of criticism in June for bringing in his son to Infosys — a deviation from his own, often-espoused corporate governance tenet that none of the founders’ children would hold any position at Infosys.

Besieged by the criticism at the time of his son’s induction, Murthy had hastened to assure that his son’s sole responsibility was to make the chairman ‘more effective’.

The younger Murty (who, like his mother, spells his last name without the ‘h’) would be paid a token salary of Re 1 salary is anyway inconsequential in the Murthys’ context given the family’s large shareholding in Infosys.

Murthy, 67, has made a comeback at Infosys, the company he co-founded 32 years ago at a critical time. The besieged company has stumbled in recent years, displaying a distinct lack of killer instinct when its competitors galloped away signing deals. In the next three or four quarters, Murthy has to show a turnaround by holding on to profit margins while pushing for bigger deals with customers.

In this scenario, both father and son are

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