Samsung Galaxy Note Pro: Can an Android tablet be a productivity workhorse?

Mar 28 2014, 13:48 IST
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Samsung Galaxy Note Pro carries an estimated price tag of Rs 64,990. Samsung Galaxy Note Pro carries an estimated price tag of Rs 64,990.
SummarySamsung Galaxy Note Pro has a great display and some nice software tweaks to make it appealing.

wasn’t able to do the same on low-resolution tablets. However, the display is reflective. I couldn’t read in sunlight or when a tubelight was right over my head.

Software & performance

Samsung has gone to great lengths to make sure that this tablet serves you well as a productivity powerhorse. The first thing you will notice is the stylus and the apps that work with it. When you remove the stylus from its cavity, a circular menu pops up, asking you which of the stylus apps you want to use. I found myself using the S Note app, linked to my Evernote account, to jot down notes and the Sketchbook app to draw rough pie-charts or just to doodle. S Pen is very light and does what it is supposed to without fuss. Note Pro has a neat Air Command mode, which requires you to hover the stylus over the app or button you want to select and press the

button on the stylus to click. I didn’t use this feature much.

When you swipe to one side on the homescreen, you’ll see the Note Pro’s Magazine UX. Samsung built this in collaboration with Flipboard, which offers a magazine-like reading experience on tablets. You can’t disable Magazine UX, but it is not the default homescreen. Those who liked HTC’s Blinkfeed might want to use this feature. It lets you link your email and calendar accounts to give you a quick look at both. Another swipe takes you to the news section, where articles from your favourite news sources will show up. I am not a big Flipboard or Blinkfeed fan, but I did find Magazine UX convenient.

When you swipe from the right edge to the left, you’ll see two columns of apps that you can drag to the screen for multi-tasking. Samsung allows you to run up to four apps at a time. Some apps aren’t supported in this view, but I regularly pinned a browser, YouTube, S Note and a chat app. The screen is so big that none of the four apps look small or cramped. This made sure that I could speed up some of my tasks—taking notes while checking email or monitoring my Twitter feed while writing. This is also where the tablet revealed some performance issues. When I played a YouTube video and pinned the music app (Chrome and S Note were open in the other two slots), there

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