Samsung Galaxy S5 review: Worth the price you will pay for it

Apr 26 2014, 09:42 IST
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Samsung Galaxy S5 is priced at Rs 51,500 in India. Samsung Galaxy S5 is priced at Rs 51,500 in India.
SummaryThe new Samsung Galaxy S5 is a powerful phone that is easy to use.

Every time there is a new Galaxy flagship from Samsung, there is a lot of hype as well as a lot of expectation. Not all of that is unfounded, as over the past few years top-end Samsung phones have been able to capture popular imagination like very few other devices have been able to. But not everyone was happy with what came in the Samsung Galaxy S4 and it seems the Korean tech leviathan was under pressure to innovate with the Samsung Galaxy S5. We look at the innovations, the disappointments and the surprises.

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DESIGN: The Samsung Galaxy S5 looks just the way is should — like a Galaxy device. There is no doubt that this is from a design family that we are all so familiar with. There is one good thing though: this phone does not feel like an overdose of plastic like some of the earlier versions. This has a perforated rear panel, which does not feel all that plasticky. The chrome bezel is definitely tacky and I thought the plain line on the S4 was better than this three line design. The rest is all the same, except for the micro-USB port, which is now under a chrome flap as this phone is supposed to be water resistant.

Galaxy S5

However, the flap does not inspire a lot of confidence. We will need to take a relook at how many of them are still hanging from the bodies six months down the line.

DISPLAY: It is pointless to talk about the displays on Samsung phones, after all they make the best mobile displays, whatever the screen size. So it has to be the best on a flagship phone and the 5.1-inch FullHD AMOLED display on the S5 is really up there. This is among the best features of the phone.

Galaxy S5

PERFORMANCE: This was a no-brainer from the start, except for the fact that this phone is not powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 like the rest of the world. Thanks to the absence of 4G networks will be get a combo of Samsung’s own 1.9GHz and 1.3GHz quad-core processors. That does not mean the phone is by any means slow or

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