Samsung UA65HU9000 UHD Curved TV: It will catch your eye

Jul 24 2014, 08:00 IST
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Samsung recently launched three Curved UHD televisions in 55, 65 and 78 inch variants. Samsung recently launched three Curved UHD televisions in 55, 65 and 78 inch variants.
SummaryA feature rich ultra high definition TV that makes you feel as though you are right in middle of action.

Samsung recently launched three Curved UHD televisions in 55, 65 and 78 inch variants. We received the 65 inch for review. The key feature of these TVs is that they offer resolutions that are four times higher than a full HD TV.

Design and features: The 65-inch panel sports an aero-curved design and lifelike UHD 4K picture quality. The chassis around the curved display is thin and the curved design gives you uniform distant viewing from every angle, and enhances the field of view thereby creating a panoramic effect. The built-in speakers and woofers have been nicely sculpted into the glassy finish and produce 60W sound output. The panel itself sits atop the metallic grey base which is not only inscribed with UHD but is also designed to perfectly complement the curve of the panel.

At the back panel only two cables are plugged: one for powering up and the other for One Connect Box, which reduces clutter and merges all your external connections such as cables, STB setup, Blueray players, HDMI connections etc into a single cable that plugs into the back of the TV. Another interesting feature in this TV is UHD Upscaling which enhances picture quality through signal analysis, noise reduction, and detail enhancement to seamlessly convert SD, HD or full HD content to UHD-level picture quality.

We tested the SD and HD content movies and the picture quality delivered by the UHD TV was great. The gently curved design visually surrounds you and gives you uniform and balanced viewing from almost all angles. When the television was fed with full HD movies we experienced more accurate, natural colours and sharp motion clarity. Also there was great brightness in dark scenes. However, when the TV was fed with UHD content the difference was phenomenal. Each shade and colour displayed was natural and real. Faraway objects were also more detailed and accurate and it gives you an immersive experience thanks to Samsungs in-built AutoDepth Enhancer that identifies the background, mid and foreground of an image, splits them, and then dynamically adjusts contrast, brightness and colour for an optimal viewing experience and enhanced depth.

Generally, digital TV channels look junk on high resolution panels like this one but on this TV, the upscaler comes into action and takes the image and interpolates it delivering a pleasant visual. Another interesting feature is the Samsung Smart Hub that reveals the content on Youtube, Vimeo etc

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