'Satya Nadella's goals for Microsoft Corporation in India no different from Steve Ballmer's'

Mar 21 2014, 13:04 IST
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India-born Satya Nadella replaced Steve Ballmer as the CEO of Microsoft in February this year. India-born Satya Nadella replaced Steve Ballmer as the CEO of Microsoft in February this year.
SummaryIndia has emerged as fastest growing market for Microsoft in cloud technologies and services.

India has emerged as the fastest growing market for Microsoft Corporation globally in the area of cloud technologies and services, with CEO Satya Nadella stating that the country could leapfrog into this realm during the Windows Azure conference in Bangalore. Bhaskar Pramanik, chairman, Microsoft India, in an interaction with PP Thimmaya says the company has been adding over 2,000 commercial cloud customers every month in the country and future prospects are indeed looking bright. Edited excerpts:

Will small and medium businesses benefit from cloud technologies?

Cloud makes it possible for us to support SMBs. There are 40-million-odd small businesses in the country. For them this the best thing to have happened. Now technology is affordable as you are paying by usage. Earlier, they never had the affordability or ability to manage technology infrastructure. Today, with cloud and other apps, social, mobility, analytics enable SMBs to access to same technologies as large corporations. This segment also is a huge opportunity for us as it accounts for 15-18% of our overall revenue and it is growing faster than all the other businesses.

Has Microsoft adopted a competitive pricing strategy for cloud products?

There is no price differentiation. Customers are primarily looking for value and we are a safe choice. Microsoft is the only one which offers three types of cloud technologies private, public and hybrid. Secondly, our is totally an open environment and the third thing is the scale. We have far bigger scale than of the some other providers as there are 1 million servers across the world, most of the data centres are certified. There are a lot of things that makes us unique to the enterprise, that is why we are a safe choice.

How important is the aspect of security for Microsoft?

We have always taken security much more seriously than anybody else. We were the largest supplier of IT, products and solutions, security is inbuilt into everything we do. Ten years ago, Bill Gates started the concept of trustworthy computing, which has percolated into everything we do in terms of design, engineering, development of our products and how these are deployed. We have strong ties with security agencies in every country we operate. Security is something which is inherent, nobody else can match that. It is part of our overall set of offerings.

Satya Nadella

Has Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella got a separate mandate for India?

He has not defined

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