Screen Exclusive: In conversation Ranbir Kapoor, Bollywood's crown prince

Oct 05 2013, 15:35 IST
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Screen Exclusive: In conversation with Bollywood's crown prince Ranbir Kapoor (IE Photo) Screen Exclusive: In conversation with Bollywood's crown prince Ranbir Kapoor (IE Photo)
SummarySuperstar Ranbir Kapoor opens up to Screen about celluloid ambitions, the joy of working with his parents.


Congratulations for the fabulous run that Yeh Jawaani Yeh Deewani had. Now everyone is expecting Besharam to surpass that besides acknowledging you as the new entrant to the superstar league.

Yahan par sab chadhte suraj ko salaam karte hain aur jab suraj doob jaata hai then everyone forgets.What’s also happened is that the whole ‘superstar’ word has been bastardised. A superstar is what these Khans are or what Amitabh Bachchan is, for the work they have done for more than 25 -30 years in the field of entertainment and even outside of it. Sometimes, they (the media) directly asks you ki ‘you are giving takkar to Khans’. I feel so embarrassed that you have used their names in the same sentence as mine. I would say that the times are good — I work hard; everybody works hard — so films are doing well. Tomorrow if Besharam does not do well, they will say, “Failed!”

The understanding I came with was to be a good actor. In my own home, my father endorsed the view that stars fade away but actors last. He is enjoying a new career as a character actor. He’s so busy and so happy because he’s always been a good actor. I think if you have that mindset, you won’t take success to your head, (and) you won’t take failure to your heart. I am getting the opportunity to work with such good directors — Imtiaz Ali, Anurag Basu, Anurag Kashyap, Ayan (Mukerji) to name a few and I am just taking advantage of that. I am holding them as tight as possible so that they don’t go away.

You once mentioned an incident when your grandfather Raj Kapoor’s car (with him inside) was carried by his fans in Russia as the epitome of stardom but with changing times, would you say that the yardsticks of stardom have changed too? Would it now be the number of people following you on microblogging sites?

I don’t think that kind of hysteria or madness around stars exists anymore, but then again every star generates his own madness. I am sure Amitabh Bachchan generated his own madness, the Khans had their own madness but every generation is different. Today of course, it is much lesser because the mystery has died out. Earlier people used to wait for a hero’s film, but today we are present all over, everywhere. Today the

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