Short-term capital loss can be carried forward only if you file Income-Tax returns on time

Sep 10 2013, 11:29 IST
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SummaryI am a salaried person. During FY13, I sold some shares, which I had held for nine months, on the stock exchange at a loss.

Income-Tax Act, 1961, for investment of capital gains in new residential house is available. Another option, to claim exemption under Section 54EC, is by reinvesting the capital gain in eligible NHAI/REC bonds within six months of the date of transfer. The maximum amount that can be invested in such bonds is R50 lakh per financial year. If you are able to invest in two different financial years falling within a six-month period, you can even claim exemption up to R90 lakh.

I made an FD of R1 lakh in the name of my minor daughter from a gift received from her mother. The FD earns R8,500 a year as interest. Will this income will be clubbed in my or my wife’s income?

— Ashok Chandrasekhar

As per Section 64(1A) of the I-T Act, an income accruing to a minor child will be clubbed in the income of the parent having greater income (excluding the income to be clubbed). As such, the income of R8,500 will get clubbed in either your or your wife’s income, depending on who earns more. An Exemption of up to R1,500 under Section 10(32) will be available.

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