should breast cancer patients skip the pre-op MRI?

Dec 10 2012, 15:14 IST
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breast cancer breast cancer
SummaryMRIs produce a much clearer image than X-rays and ultrasound.

those who had an MRI ended up having their entire breast removed, compared to 18 percent in the no-MRI group.

"It causes more mastectomies to start with, but it doesn't

decrease the number of women who started out wanting a lumpectomy and needing a mastectomy," said Morrow of the preoperative MRIs.

The study did not look at long-term outcomes, nor did it

examine the use of MRI to screen the opposite breast for signs that cancer had spread, while the results do not apply to certain subgroups of patients, including women with genetic mutations that predispose them to cancer.

"There may be select circumstances where we'd use it to

solve a problem, but for most women with breast cancer they don't need an MRI for their evaluation," Morrow said.

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