'Since Narendra Modi turned PM, 600 riots struck India'; Sangh too under attack over communal riots

Aug 13 2014, 22:23 IST
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SummaryCongress alleged that since the Narendra Modi government took over two months back, 600 riots...

Congress and other Opposition parties today accused Sangh parivar outfits, including VHP and Bajrang Dal, of "inciting" communal violence in the country to "polarise" the society, a charge stoutly rejected by the ruling BJP with counter allegations.

Congress alleged that since the Narendra Modi government took over two months back, 600 riots had taken place in various parts of the country, particularly in the states like Uttar Pradesh and Maharashtra, where elections are due.

Initiating the discussion in Lok Sabha on 'Need for more effective mechanisms to deal with communal violence', Leader of Congress Mallikarjun Kharge suggested that BJP and its affiliates were trying to "divide the society" to retain power and warned that if it was not controlled, "we will repent".

Amid strong protests by ruling benches, he said BJP should not "incite" riots and added "Only because you got government does not mean that you will suppress others."

Naming VHP and Bajrang Dal and referring to certain comments made by RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat, Kharge said the "communal forces" had got emboldened after BJP came to power as they feel that they have "political power" now and would be protected.

He said while BJP was accusing Congress of indulging in "vote bank politics", the truth was the other way round.

"We talk about uniting the society, you talk about dividing the society. You divide the society on the basis of religion and implant your principles on suppressed sections like minorities so that they remain away from power," the Congress leader told BJP.

Mohammad Salim (CPI-M) said there has been spurt in communal violence in the last two months and said that instead of provocating communal violence, lawmakers should try to restrain them.

In an apparent reference to BJP, he said people think they are "thekedar (contractor)" of a particular religion, but such feelings should not exist as it leads to intolerance.

Even as BJP questioned his figure of 600 riots since Narendra Modi government came to power, Kharge accused the Modi government of ignoring the communal violence even while acknowledging that law and order is the responsibility of a state government.

He then quoted government figures and said 113 incidents had taken place in May and June in which 15 people were killed and 318 injured. He also cited some incidents with dates, including in Bhuj area of Gujarat.

"Why are these incidents happening now? What is the reason? Who is behind these? These have increased in the

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