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Sep 06 2012, 16:06 IST
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SummarySamsungs razor-thin new portable is a stylish work & entertainment machine with long battery life and a powerful performance.

New technology can be slightly baffling at times, even to the most seasoned user. The other day, I was checking out my wifes latest digital possession, the all-new MacBook Pro. Indeed, it is an incredibly slim and light machine, yet superbly powerful. The most advanced Mac I have seen so far, which sets a new standard in performance and portability!

Early this week, the South Korean tech major Samsung sent across their latest high end notebook computer, Notebook Series 9, for a product review. Samsung is trying to push its laptops hard. The South Korean tech behemoth has taken thin and light to the extreme with its Notebook Series 9. Mincing any words, let me state this at the outset that the Notebook Series 9 is a fine piece of precision in engineering and premium design from the R&D folks at Samsung. I would call it an intelligent machine and a design marvel.

First, it is super slim (Samsung claims it to be the worlds thinnest laptop), measuring only 0.6 inches deep, even thinner than the new MacBook Pro. Its also lighter, weighing just 1.16 kg for the 13 inch model. How light and slim can laptops get is what baffles me no end. Samsungs new innovation features a matte screen with anti-glare, has extended battery life and comes at an not-so-affordable price tag of R1, 02,990. Everything about it other than the fact its manufactured by Samsung and runs on a Windows operating system is competitive and comparable to a Mac.

More on the Notebook Series 9s intelligence aspect: Its screen and backlit keyboard automatically adjust to the light conditions using an auto-sensor. So they always provide the optimum brightness for maximum comfort and ease of use, even in particularly dark or bright environments.

The Notebook Series 9 (NP900X3C-A01IN) came packed in an attractive box with all the specifications detailed on its sides. Out of the box, it becomes evident that super-slim components have been tailor-designed and engineered to fit into the notebook computers innovative single shell body. Company officials reckon that the Series 9 required 9,000 hours of design work and 24,000 hours of R&Da total of 33,000 hours invested by Samsung designers and engineersto ensure it conserved premium design aspects without compromising performance or functionality. Key components such as the LCD panel, keyboard, motherboard, cables, fan and battery have been precision-engineered to fit precisely into the Series 9s extra

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