Smart Money: ICICI Prudential AMC launches value fund

Nov 29 2013, 15:39 IST
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SummaryICICI Prudential Asset Management Company has launched ICICI Prudential Value Fund Series Fund 2

All these payouts, including monthly income, are tax free. Also on offer is a Comprehensive Accident Benefit rider that provides benefits on dismemberment.

Franklin Templeton dividend under fixed-tenure fund

Franklin Templeton MF has declared dividend under the Franklin Templeton Fixed Tenure Fund-Series XVIIs dividend plan. The amount of dividend for individual is R0.311 a unit and for others is R0.298 unit on the face value of R10 per unit. The record date for the dividend is November 21 and the investment objective is to provide investors returns along with capital appreciation through equity exposure.

Tata Mid Cap Growth Fund declares dividend

Tata MF announces dividend at R1 per unit in Tata Midcap Growth Plan A-D and Tata Midcap Growth Direct-D and the record date is November 28.

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