Sony Vaio Flip review: Flip and play

Feb 27 2014, 18:16 IST
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Estimated street price of Sony Vaio Flip laptop-cum-tablet is Rs 99,990. Estimated street price of Sony Vaio Flip laptop-cum-tablet is Rs 99,990.
SummarySony Vaio Flip laptop-cum-tablet is sleek & sturdy and apt for work or everyday entertainment.

Strictly from a devices point of view, the PC market as a whole looks very different than it did two to three years ago. These days, most of the computer makers are focused on building Windows 8-powered notebook computers with a touchscreen. If the machine is

detachable, that is, it can function as a tableteven more better. After all, the lines of work and play, office and home, and mobile and at rest are all dissolving. In such a scenario, Windows 8-powered hybrids, which combine the best features of laptops, tablets, and even all-in-one desktops, are in demand.

While the currently available

hybrids dont vary much, I must give points to the Japanese consumer electronics maker Sony for coming up with an inventive device that stands out in the crowd, although youll have to pay a hefty premium in case you decide to go in for it. Its called the Sony Vaio Flip, featuring a unique hinge that provides users with a variety of new ways to use their mobile PCs while still enjoying the full functionality of a traditional clamshell laptop. Yes, you guessed it right! The new Vaio Flip (F13N/F14N/F15N) is an ultra-portable laptop that can convert

into a tablet. Recently, the company sent across its F13N model for a review, giving me a chance to experience its working first-hand. Here are my takeaways:

Sony Vaio Flip: Design

The first thing that will strike you about the Vaio Flip is its design; the concept is based on the essence of sharing with others. Its unique line design makes it capable of flipping and converting between laptop, tablet and viewer modes by flipping the display over the hinge. The laptop mode comfortably accommodates hectic office-related work, in the same way as conventional notebook computers. In tablet mode, its touch capability is best utilised browsing the web or taking pictures or listening to music. With the viewer mode, the display can be flipped over so that you can share the experience of watching a video or movie with another person or give instant presentation anytime, without worrying for connecting a projector. This makes the Sony machine adaptable for any use, be it for businessmen, professionals, students or the everyday PC user.

The Vaio Flip is structured in a stylish, functional design; its thin chassis is constructed with brushed aluminium hairline finish. The touchscreen notebook comes with Opti-contrast panel, large touch pad and bigger palm

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