Sony Xperia Z2 review: A good phone to buy

May 08 2014, 15:47 IST
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The waterproofing will make Sony Xperia Z2 very popular in many parts of India. The waterproofing will make Sony Xperia Z2 very popular in many parts of India.
SummarySony Xperia Z2, priced at Rs 49,990, has premium power, superb video and excellent battery.

all its energies to make this a replacement for its fast depleting point-and-shoot segment. As I said earlier there is a dedicated camera button and there is also a camera widget on the homescreen that lets you access the camera as well as the many inbuilt apps on it. For instance, along with the regular panorama and superior auto, this camera comes with an augmented reality mode, time lapse and even a Vine camera app.

But the USP of this 20.7MP camera has to be its ability to shoot 4K video. This function might be useless for many, but a great option for those with a 4K screen at home. There is no other way you can shoot home video at this resolution at the moment. However, for this you will need a good quality large and fast Class 10 SD card in the phone. I kept running into a ‘the camera is heating up message’ far too often with the video of this phone. I guess it was because of the 2GB card I was using, or a defect in the review unit.

The camera is still very good. Yes, pictures can get a bit grainy in low light, but it is still better than a lot of other phone cameras and gives you options galore. However, this camera could use a faster auto-focus like in the Samsung Galaxy S5 to unleash its true potential. Another pain point is the fact that the camera does not shoot in 20MP as default and most of the features are limited to 8MP. Plus, in full resolution photos as in a 4:3 aspect ratio, which is weird to say the least. Despite all this I can say that the camera, especially its video features, are good enough for you to start keeping the camcorder at home for family holidays.


There are not many phones in the market with battery life this good. I used this as my primary phone and the phone would have about 25 per cent juice left even after 24 hours. That is no small achievement. Use the battery more judiciously and switch to stamina mode once in while to stretch the life to around 36 hours.


There is no doubt that the Sony Xperia Z2 is among the best flagship phones out there. If you are buying this phone, it will be for its superior build quality, top-end performance, above average camera

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