Sony Xperia Z2 review: A good phone to buy

May 08 2014, 15:47 IST
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The waterproofing will make Sony Xperia Z2 very popular in many parts of India. The waterproofing will make Sony Xperia Z2 very popular in many parts of India.
SummarySony Xperia Z2, priced at Rs 49,990, has premium power, superb video and excellent battery.

It is getting hotter at the very top of the smartphone segment. Quick after the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S5 and the HTC One M8, Sony has brought in its Xperia Z2, aiming to cash in on the increasing popularity for powerful, yet expensive, devices in the Indian market. Here is a look at Sony’s new flagship.

First impressions

It didn’t take me long to start liking this phone, or its camera to be precise. The day I opened the box of the review unit there was a thunderstorm in town. What better place to test the camera of a phone like this. It took a few minutes for my luck to shine, but when it did I was ready with the video running on the Sony Xperia Z2 (see video). Voila, I had shot my first lightning video. I have never seen many other cameras that can shoot a lightning so clearly, and I was pretty much sold to the camera of this phone from day 1.



The Z2 is an ultra-thin device. This is good considering that we are dealing with a largish phablet. It is still a bit tough to handle, thanks to the glassy back. It looks almost like the Sony flagship from last year and has the same waterproof and dustproof body. To achieve this everything is under a flap. The flap is strong and should not fall off after a couple of months. And this is a superb feature for any phone in India where we are constantly trying to figure out how to get the better of both these perennial menaces.

The Z2 also has an extra camera button which is now missing in most phones. This also makes its intention clear. Yes, this is a camera phone, not another good phone with a good camera. There is a groove which is used to link to the magnetic charging dock that is being sold as an accessory with this. In fact, this is the only part of the phone that is not covered, and hence feels a bit naked. There is an LED on top that keeps blinking to alert you of notifications or missed calls. Having been a BlackBerry user for many years, I liked this feature a lot.

The phone is available in white and black too, but as luck

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