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May 07 2011, 22:35 IST
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Ferrari 458 Italia Ferrari 458 Italia
SummaryA quick guide to the new supercars in the market

A quick guide to the new supercars in the market

Imagine you have a couple of crores jangling around in your pocket, and you want to gift yourself a supercar, but with all the choices available today, chances are you will be left confused. What should you look for in a super car? Should you go for car A or car B? Is brand X better than brand Y? Should you look only for the ultimate performance, or are other factors equally important? Which of these cars, for example, is ideal for carting your ma-in-law around? Which one will keep its low slung belly from scraping speed-breakers, and what car will provide you absolutely the biggest thrill? This quick guide has some answers.

Ferrari 458 Italia

Ferrari is simply the best. They have everything you want in a supercar. The car has a wake-you-up performance, leech-like grip and easily accessible rear wheel drive handling that allows you to throw the car around. This crazy V8 screams up to 9,000rpm, the engine makes a huge 570bhp and 0-100 takes only 3.3 seconds. Ferraris always connect with the driver on an emotional level the sound, the way the controls work making the cars feel alive. The 458 is probably the best V8 Ferrari ever, a guaranteed future classic. Make sure you opt for the front lifter that raises the car a few mm , despite the fact that it costs Rs 4.12 lakh. Rs 2.65 cr (ex-showroom Delhi)

Bugatti Veyron Super Sport

This car has a scarcely believable top speed of 432kph. Its quad turbo 16-cylinder engine makes a crazy1183bhp and when you want to stop, the Bugatti deploys an airbrake so large, it looks like someone is trying to lift the roof off the car. More military grade weapon than performance car. This without a shadow of doubt, is the ultimate supercar. That it is also beautifully built on the inside, comprehensively equipped and even easy to drive at moderate speeds makes it something truly exceptional. But then so is the price. Rs 22.75 cr

Maserati Granturismo S 4.7

If you are looking for a more relaxed Ferrari that costs less, this is the car. Its 4.7 litre V8 is based on a Ferrari motor. The cars nose is impossibly handsome, and like any true- blue Italian, it has curves in all the right places. And the set-up of the car is

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