Spelling mistakes and bad grammar may be key to choosing good password

Jan 18 2013, 15:48 IST
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SummaryUse of long sentence such as a bigger better password and the communist fairy is increasing,

Birthdays, pet names and your place of birth are already huge no-nos when choosing a password, but researchers have claimed that the key to finding more secure code could be straightforward - just dont use good grammar or spelling.Ashwini Rao and colleagues at Carnegie Mellon University researched the current generation of password cracking systems.

They found that many people, on being asked to choose longer passwords, made them just as easy to guess, the Daily Mail reported.Use of long sentence-like or phrase-like passwords such as a bigger better password and the communist fairy is increasing, the researchers said.

The researchers said that other types of familiar structures like postal addresses, email addresses and URLs may also make for less secure passwords, even if they are long.

They said bad grammar can make a huge difference, as hackers are increasingly searching for passwords using correct grammar and spellings in brute force attacks that simply run through combinations of words in a dictionary. Incorrect spelling and grammar can fool many of these attacks, the team found. They found that in general, asking users for longer passwords didnt work.

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