Stop food security bill if you want to restore investor confidence: Arun Shourie

Aug 23 2013, 13:39 IST
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“There is no instant remedy. It will take four to five years to get it back on track,” said Arun Shourie. “There is no instant remedy. It will take four to five years to get it back on track,” said Arun Shourie.
SummaryArun Shourie describes the current economic situation as the result of policy paralysis.

Shourie said.

“It depends on the outcome of elections,” he said, to a query whether early elections may help the country get itself out of the corner it is in.

Shourie also indicated that he was less inclined towards Nobel laureate Amartya Sen’s emphasis on subsidies for redistribution and more towards economist Jagadish Bhagwati’s view that economic growth should precede redistribution for welfare.

“I am certainly against expenditures being advocated by Sen. Subsidies to the rich should be stopped. It doesn’t mean entitlement to more unproductive susbisides. I am more inclined towards him (Bhagwati) than Sen,” Shourie conceded.

In addition to fiscal discipline, Shourie suggests restoring investors’ confidence through a series of actions to revive the economy.

“The second thing that must be done is to restore investor confidence through specific policy announcements that should include a no to retrospective taxation, regulatory clearances once granted will not be rescinded to avoid a repeat of Vedanta, Lavasa, and Posco etc, litigation should be curtailed — like if there is any contest, the government should contest vehemently up to high court level, but if it loses in the high court they should leave it at that — or such announcements indicating a reversal of the last five years’ policies,” he said.

Shourie dismissed attempts at restoring investor confidence through moves such as relaxing FDI limits for retail and insurance. “These are non-issues. They (foreign investors) are not going to come in these situations,” he said.

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