Sunny Leone: Adult entertainment industry was fun

Apr 01 2014, 22:33 IST
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Ragini MMS 2's Sunny Leone is keen on experimenting with different genres. Ragini MMS 2's Sunny Leone is keen on experimenting with different genres.
SummarySunny Leone got much from adult entertainment industry but is keen on experimenting too.

Shedding her image as an actress from the adult entertainment industry, Sunny Leone, after release of 'Ragini MMS 2', tells Screen why she is keen on experimenting with different genres:

Q. 1 What was it that compelled you to join the adult entertainment industry?

No one pushed me into this. A local agent, back home, approached me and as a teenager, it all looked so cool. Having enough money to spend, without asking your parents for it and spending it on all things nice is a dream come true for any teen. I did have fun and honestly, I have no regrets about it.

Sunny Leone

Q. 2 Before coming here, what was your perception about the adult film industry in India?

The only thing I knew was that India has one of the largest red light districts in the world. I have never been there and I didnt have any perceptions about it. I had absolutely no clue about the adult industry here, nor did I bother to know about it since the priority for me was to establish myself as a film actress. I didnt want to go through the same old drill again.

Q. 3 You had once mentioned that the adult entertainers in America are much respected as a genre, as compared to India. Do you still stand by that statement?

I dont want to compare the two industries now, because that issue is not important anymore. But I always stand by the statements made by me. Adult entertainers are looked at differently here and so anything beyond that will make things very controversial (laughs).

Q. 4 Is there a conscious effort to avoid doing adult films and concentrate on something different?

Of course! Who wants to stick around doing the same thing? I want to make my mark as an actress in the industry and do good projects.

Q. 5 So is it true that you are not comfortable any longer with adult entertainment as a genre?

To be honest, it was a part of my past, so I dont want my past to spring up again and again. I want the industry to recognise my acting potential and know that I can do a lot more than just dance on songs with seductive moves.

I dont want to restrict myself to a specific genre, because I have always been excited about experimenting.

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