Talwandi Sabo Power Plant, a boost to Punjab economy

Aug 30 2013, 17:28 IST
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Summary1980 MW supercritical thermal power plant is being set up at village Banawala in Mansa district.

Conceptualised by Punjab State Electrcity Board (PSEB), The first unit of 660 MW of Talwandi Sabo Power Limited (TSPL), the largest private sector investment in Punjab, is scheduled to go on stream shortly.

Official sources in Punjab Government told that "the proposed 1980 MW (3x660 MW) supercritical thermal power plant is being set up at village Banawala in Mansa district. This power plant project will be the first of its kind hi-tech and non-polluting plant in the state of Punjab and will probably be the greenest power plant in the country. All the 1980 MW power generated at TSPL will be supplied to Punjab State Power Corporation Limited (PSPCL)".

Apart from being the largest private sector investment in the state of Punjab, TSPL would also bring in a multiplier effect into the economy of the state. TSPL alone would be able to generate employment of thousands of people in associated works of the power project and the new industries that will come up in Punjab, as it becomes a power surplus state. It will also enable PSPCL to supply continuous power, making life comfortable for the people of Punjab, particularly during peak summer months.

TSPL has selected super critical technology which is better than the sub-critical technology because it provides higher efficiency, reduction in the fuel cost, reduction in water requirement by 25%, single unit capacity of 660 MW and above and higher capacity means low capital investment per MW, which makes the power plant cost effective and enable to provide affordable power compared to costly merchant power. The continuous supply of power to the farmers will help in the development of the agricultural sector and higher productivity.

The plant will undoubtedly give a boost to the industrial sector in the state as well, which is currently undergoing severe crisis due to acute shortage of power. Presently two to three days a week power cuts are routinely undertaken for Industrial sector, and with commissioning of the power plant, the industrial sector will benefit the most as scheduled long hours of power cuts would vanish. The industries in the Ludhiana belt, presently in critical condition due to acute shortage of electricity suffer huge production loss, which will be mitigated to a great extent with commissioning of the new power plants in the state this year. Ultimately this shall put an end to the usage of diesel gensets in the state which will greatly reduce

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