Tarun Tejpal fights back: Six points

Nov 24 2013, 12:21 IST
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SummaryPenance to Politics, Apology to Blame

Penance to Politics, Apology to Blame

From his “unconditional” apology to claims that it was a “consensual encounter” to charges of being “framed”, Tarun Tejpal has shifted his stand several times in the last few days:

‘Apologise unconditionally’

Nov 19, in email to the victim a day after she complained to managing editor Shoma Chaudhury: “I apologise unconditionally for the shameful lapse of judgement that led me to attempt a sexual liaison with you on two occasions on 7 November and 8 November 2013, despite your clear reluctance that you did not want such attention from me.”

‘Recusal... to atone’

Nov 20, in email to Shoma Chaudhury, on “recusal” for six months: “I squarely take the blame for this... A bad lapse of judgment, an awful misreading of the situation, have led to an unfortunate incident that rails against all we believe

in and fight for. I have already unconditionally apologised for my misconduct to the concerned journalist, but I feel impelled to atone further.”

‘Fleeting, consensual’

Nov 23, in an SMS to friends: “The truth is it was an incredibly fleeting, totally consensual encounter of less than a minute in a lift (of a two-storey building!)... Now that a committee has been announced the truth will come

out. And the CCTV footage will clear everything. My life and work have been trashed on a total lie.”

Nov 23, in a public statement: “Unfortunately, as sometimes happens in life, the complete truth and the need to do the honorable thing can come into conflict... I offer my fullest cooperation to the police and all other authorities... I have tried to do what was honorably demanded of me.”

‘Framed... political forces’

Nov 23, in an interview with The Indian Express: “It is a totally mendacious account of what happened... My lawyers know that I am being framed, and are also aware of the political forces driving much of it now.”

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