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Aug 19 2014, 04:43 IST
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SummaryThe smartphone is the door to the customer which can be opened any time as marketers have found out. The focus now is on creating a unique experience on the smartphone screen that delivers value and strengthens the consumer-brand experience.

Smartphone technology has undergone a progressive change over the past few years, and it has enhanced and even altered the way we spend our 24 hours. In this digital era, we often work or communicate on different screens, right from tablets, PCs to smartphones. We not only use these multiple screens for getting in touch with one another but also use it as a medium to keep us updated on current news, latest trends in fashion, music, advertisements for new products, etc. Even while watching TV, smartphones continue to remain the first screen and hence the accessibility of mobile devices remains strong. According to Milward Brown, smartphones are the most used screens globally and with the consumption of content on the smartphone on the rise, many companies and brands see it as a leveraging tool to market their products to the end consumer in an effective manner.

With the smartphone explosion, advertising agencies have also started developing campaigns that reach out to the smartphone users. Today, marketers are looking at working towards creating a 360-degree marketing plan which comprises all the relevant touch points to reach the consumers. Advertisers have to now think beyond ad banners and start leveraging interactive and engaging mobile advertising formats; this could mean building ad experiences for smartphones or more effectively monetising mobile content to the consumer.

Given the popularity of social media applications on smartphones and the increased consumer dependency, marketers are creating branded applications to increase their consumer outreach program. For example, fashion and accessory retailers have tapped social media in a big way to drive conversion rates and increase profitability; they are now investing in mobile marketing to make sure that their brand is present on the platform which will further result in reaching out to the consumer faster with quicker return on investment (ROI). Therefore, the opportunity for advertisers is surely big provided marketers become innovative and find ways to ensure that people watch the content.

For every marketer, location is a significant quotient in reaching out to the target market. With the availability of various location based mobile applications and the large presence of social media on smartphones, marketing to the end-consumer has become easier. But the inevitable question always remains as to how to reach the end-customer on a real-time basis, as it is a crucial factor in increasing consumer engagement and improving customer experience. There are various channels for

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