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Dec 24 2012, 11:43 IST
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Wealth is everyone’s right but few recognise it and even fewer exercise it. (Reuters) Wealth is everyone’s right but few recognise it and even fewer exercise it. (Reuters)
SummaryWealth is everyone’s right but few recognise it and even fewer exercise it.

Wealth — The word means various things to each of us. However, most viewpoints would culminate at the same point; that is of having lot of money which may be in many forms. Also, most of us are trying to obtain more and more of wealth in the way we feel most prudent.

So then, the obvious question that arises is, why is it that wealth eludes most of us when most of us strive throughout our lives to accumulate it? Why is it that if we do not get it we blame ourselves or our destiny? Why is there an imbalance in our society if we are attempting to achieve the same things?

Wealth has four fundamental truths, and in my view if we are completely plugged into these facts we tend to get more clarity on how to be wealthy.

Right of Wealth

Everyone has the right to wealth. There is nothing wrong in this yearning for wealth. In fact, it is a praiseworthy trait for normal people. The question is; Do you really desire wealth? This is not as obvious as you think. If you think really hard or closely observe people around you, you will notice that people are not so ambitious about wealth per se as much as they might be about their career.

The fact is, if you do not really desire wealth you will never feel that you have the right to own it. It is like freedom of speech. If you do not desire to talk, you will hardly ever feel the right or need to exercise your freedom of speech. There are no reservations or VIP access or restrictions for ownership of wealth. It is everyone’s right, just that very few recognise it and even fewer exercise this right.

Only if you really desire wealth will you begin to explore avenues and be open to ideas that generate and maximise wealth.

Equality of Wealth

This is a subject matter of cause and effect. If all were to do the same thing the effect will be the same. Assume that a Rs 200 share doubled to Rs 400 in three years. If all invested in it, all would have made a 100 per cent profit in three years time. But that hardly happens.

Wealth is available for all and there is complete equality available in ownership without any bias or discrimination. Let’s not forget the

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