To make it big, we had to get two things right—great trainers and great accommodation—and we got both

Jun 09 2014, 07:23 IST
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SummaryToday, Koenig Solutions is an established training organisation serving customers in over 50 countries. Koenig specialises in providing state-of-the-art technical

students who plan to train with Koenig?

We offer a pre-course technical evaluation and training, hands-on classroom training, in-house testing, single occupancy accommodation and three meals, free wi-fi internet facility in the training centre, three-month after-course technical support, airport pick-up and drop, daily transport to the training centre and hospitality desk support (arranging mobile phones, laptops, tours to nearby places and more). Our aim is that a student who comes to us keeps his focus only on the training part, rest everything we will take care of. In fact, that’s what ‘education tourism’ is all about—an end-to-end solution from the time a student arrives in India till the time he flies back; we take full responsibility for their hassle-free experience.

Apart from affordability, what defines you?

Affordability is just one of our many aspects. Students who come to us appreciate the quality of training they receive, then they like small batch sizes, convenient start dates, holiday experience and the flexibility we offer.

What is the nature of your tie-ups with companies such as Microsoft, EMC, Adobe, etc?

We are their authorised training partners. In fact, our training meets their quality standards, and we use their curriculum. Further, our trainers are approved by those companies and we issue course attendance certificates on their behalf.

What made you open a campus in Dubai?

The primary reason we set up a campus in Dubai was because some of our students found it difficult to get the Indian visa. But when we started our campus in Dubai, we discovered that Dubai is another major market, especially considering the fact that a lot of students from the Gulf countries prefer Dubai; and some don’t even need a visa to go to Dubai. Then, Dubai has its own charm factor and we found that even some students from non-Gulf countries wanted to train in our campus in Dubai. That’s how Dubai happened and became big.

A lot of training, today, can happen online. So why does anyone need to come to a Koenig campus and train…

Some habits change slowly. Although we also prove online learning solutions, we have found that a lot of people prefer a classroom environment. Online learning will still take many, many years, perhaps decades to match up to a classroom environment. But because it exists in today’s world, we offer online learning solutions.

What is the difference between your different campuses in the country?

Delhi is a very accessible, cosmopolitan city. Shimla

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