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Sep 07 2012, 20:03 IST
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Asha Bhosle Asha Bhosle
SummarySur-Kshetra, which brings together12 amateur singing talents from India and Pakistan, is mired in controversy, with MNS leader Raj Thackeray’s tirade against including Pakistani singers on the show. Here are the judges Asha Bhosle, Pakistani sufi singer Abida Parveen and Bangladeshi playback singer Runa Laila in conversation with Screen

Ashatai speaks...

How difficult was it to judge, as the scoring system in Sur-Kshetra is quite different from other reality shows, where even a good singer can be given a zero?

There were only two kinds of scores that we could give the contestants – 10 or a straight zero. Even if we wanted to give a contestant, say, an eight or one or two, we just couldn’t. So it was very difficult.

Who was your favourite contestant on the show?

I can’t tell you any name, as I don’t remember them. Abhi toh aisi haalat ho gayi hain ki apne bachon ke bhi naam yaad nahi rehte. But, on this show I have seen some good kids who are really excellent singers. Ek ladke ne toh mujhe rula diya. Uska gaana sunte hi main ro padi. They had to cut the scene, because some kaajal spread across my eyes (laughs). Music is music. Music ki koin jaat nahi hain. Music ka koi dharm nahi hota, koi ilaaka nahi hota. It is everywhere. Jahaan sur hain, jahaan achi awaaz hain, wahaan bhagwan hain. Hum awaaz ki, sur ki pooja karte hain. Who doesn’t worship Lata Mangeshkar or Kishore Kumar?

On fellow judges:

Runaji had a great time on the sets. I can understand Bengali, which Runaji was unaware of. So, she said something in Bengali, I would laugh. One day she asked me, “Tumhi ki Bangla jano?” (Do you understand Bengali?) and I replied, “Hain, ami jani” (yes, I do)! We would talk in Bengali and break out in laughter, making everyone think that we are telling jokes at their expense. But that wasn’t the case. Abida ji. is very soft spoken. Woh badi mushkil se hasti hain. Woh apne maalik ke darbaar mein rehti hain.

Were there any conflicts between the judges?

In the show, we didnt know who was on the stage? The singer for us, is a human being. Woh koi jaat, koi dharm nahi. If he sings well, we will mark him accordingly. We shared a good rapport and didn’t feel that we belonged to different countries. We felt at home in Dubai.

What is your reaction to the MNS stand on the reality show?

I am not interested in politics. I don't like politics so I shall never take part in it. Raj Thackeray loves me and likes all my songs. Besides this I cannot talk about anything else. I

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