Toyota riding momentum in wild acceleration cases

Oct 12 2013, 20:55 IST
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SummarySpecifies that Toyota still faces hundreds of lawsuits between state and federal courts

way out and allowed them to simply assign all the liability to the first collision,'' attorney Todd A. Walburg said. He is bringing a claim that a Camry in Georgia accelerated uncontrollably due to defective electronics before crashing into a school.

Walburg said he believes his case is a winner, but his legal team faces several challenges. One is that all 12 jurors must agree Toyota was liable; another, he said, is that the carmaker picked the case as a ''bellwether'' federal trial.

''Theoretically, it should be Toyota's strongest case,'' Walburg said. ''If we're able to win this case, Toyota will have a lot of thinking to do.''

The Los Angeles verdict added to Toyota's legal victories: In 2011, a federal jury in New York found that the company wasn't responsible for a 2005 crash.

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