Transport status report card to steer traffic right

Jan 01 2013, 01:13 IST
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SummaryWe all talk about how traffic has worsened in the last few years.

We all talk about how traffic has worsened in the last few years. We all have varied opinions about the reasons behind it and measures to be taken, but we all agree that the situation is becoming bad with the passing of every single day.

What do we exactly mean by ‘good traffic’? We judge it based on our personal experiences. And once we base this evaluation, it becomes the story of the six blind men, each touching a different part of traffic and describing it as ‘so-so, pathetic’. Then how can we say if traffic is improving or worsening?

Instead, how about evaluating every aspect of the situation quantitatively and annually? Then we could not only tell the status today, but also tell whether it is improving or worsening with every passing year. We could also tell exactly in which aspect are we progressing and where we need to take corrective steps. It will then be easy for us to plan specific projects and make provisions in the budget.

In other words, what our city needs is a ‘Report card’ that presents a comprehensive evaluation of transportation in our city. ‘Janwani’, the social initiative of MCCIA has taken up the task of preparing such a report card, the ‘Transportation Status Report’, or TSR.

The TSR will evaluate various aspects of the city’s transportation system in perspective to the transportation objectives and award points to them. The TSR will be published annually. As a child’s report card helps his parents to understand which subjects the child is weak in, TSR will do the same for transportation.

The Ministry of Urban Development, Government of India has suggested the TSR have subjects based on which the transportation system be evaluated. Some of the subjects are: public transportation, facilities for pedestrians and cyclists, accident fatalities etc. They have also suggested a scoring system in which issues like how many buses the transport undertaking have, how crowded are they, for how much time do pedestrians have to wait for crossing the road etc will be taken into consideration.

Pune has a ‘Comprehensive Mobility Plan (CMP)’. Our city’s objectives such as the public transportation, cycle usage etc are stated in the CMP. But we don’t have any idea where we stand today with respect to the objectives. ‘Janwani’ will compile these statistics in the course of preparing the TSR.

The TSR will also include some innovative measures taken up by cities across

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