V K Singh not keen on joining politics

Feb 17 2013, 12:26 IST
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V K Singh says no to politics. (PTI) V K Singh says no to politics. (PTI)
SummaryHe feels that the present system is such that good people may not enter it.

Former Army Chief Gen V K Singh has shown disinterest in joining politics as he feels that the present system is such that good people may not enter it.

"I have a small mission - Reclaim India. I want to raise awareness among the people. Moreover, the present political system is such that good people may not enter politics. That does not mean, all those who are in politics are bad," Singh

said on a TV programme.

"This country has given me the best for the last 42 years and I want to give something back to my country," he added.

The retired general said there should be three requisites for a good politician good image with no criminal case pending, capability and the motivation to serve the nation and society.

Asked why he had attended a rally with INLD chief Om Prakash Chautala, who is in jail on corruption charges, he said he did it to celebrate the birth anniversary of Chautala's father Chaudhary Devi Lal.

"Devi Lal ji is the main figure who introduced Old Age Pension in Haryana years before other states started the scheme. He also waived tax on poor people's bicycles. If Chautala was there because of his father, I can't push him out," Singh said.

He also said that he had no ambition to become a governor or ambassador.

"Had I wanted to become a governor or an ambassador, I could have stayed silent on the Tatra truck scam. Rs 26 lakh worth trucks were being sold to the Army for Rs 1 crore. Most of the bureaucrats, approaching retirement, agree to whatever they are asked to. I am not that sort of man," Singh said.

He also said that he belongs to those group of men who are ready to stand up and fight injustice.

"There are two types of people one who sit on bended knees and takes alms, and the other who stand straight with head held high, ready to fight injustice. I belong to the other group," he said.

Asked about the report of a coup he had allegedly planned against the government in January last year, Singh said, "Today I can reveal that some bureaucrats and some army officers had planted this baseless news.

"These two units were part of routine mobilisation, and if you remember, there were some developments in Maldives six-seven days later. These units were meant to go there."

The retired general also added that Indian Army,

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