Volkswagen Polo GT TDI: The German job

Oct 12 2013, 10:16 IST
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Volkswagen Polo GT TDI Volkswagen Polo GT TDI
SummaryIn this day and age when most automobile companies in India are coming out

In this day and age when most automobile companies in India are coming out with low-priced offerings of their existing models to attract more customersthe Indian car market is still going through a sharp slowdownVolkswagen is taking a slightly different route by adding value, and power, to its cars. When a few months ago the German manufacturer launched the more powerful Polo GT TSI in the Indian market, we knew that soon the diesel Polo will get a similar treatment. So here is the new Polo GT TDI.

First, a few facts. Powered by a 1.6-litre four-cylinder turbo-diesel engine that produces a maximum power of 105PS@4400rpm and a maximum torque of 250Nm@1500-2500rpm, the Polo GT TDI is the most powerful diesel hatchback in its segment. But, unlike its petrol sibling, the GT TDI doesnt get the famed 7-speed DSG automatic gearbox, rather it continues with the 5-speed manual gearbox. The company claims the TDI also has been engineered for better fuel economyit offers an ARAI-certified fuel efficiency of 19.78 kmpl.

So, to find out if the TDI can be as much fun as the TSI, we headed to the Buddh International Circuit (BIC), the Formula 1 track near Delhi. Now, as far as changes to the body are concerned, aside from the GT badging on the chrome front grille, the Estrada 185/60 R15 alloy wheels and halogen headlamps with black finish, it doesnt look much different from the regular Polo. But sit inside, fire the engine, feel the revs, and the difference is apparent. First, the engine is relatively quiet. Shift into the first gear, let go of the clutch, and you will be surprised how eager the motor is. Press the accelerator, shift into the second and then the third, and by the time you are planning to hit the fourth gear, the car is already in three-figure speeds. You will also notice the smooth flow of the torqueit comes in early and in a linear fashion. The engine loves to be revved and easily touches 5,000 rpm. In fact, on the BIC straight, we reached speeds of up to 165 kmph (indicative). Although having already driven the GT TSI, I did miss the effortlessness of the the DSG gearbox, the nice part was that the GT TDI manual gearbox didnt demand regular downshifts, which means that the car would be easy to drive in the stop-and-go traffic conditions. Then, the

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