We want to run each business like an independent entity: Wipro CEO TK Kurien

Jan 20 2014, 16:49 IST
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Wipro CEO TK Kurien says the company has enhanced its execution ability over time and now plans to move more of its top talent to the markets. Wipro CEO TK Kurien says the company has enhanced its execution ability over time and now plans to move more of its top talent to the markets.
SummaryDiscretionary spending in industries like hi-tech is coming back.

for us is to bring in people from the industry.

Are you looking at hiring top talent from outside the industry?

For the BFSI sector, we have a person from the UK banking industry, someone who was ranked the top technology executive in 2013. We would be looking at hiring domain experts from the industry across sectors.

The idea is to decentralise the business further while talent management is handled by me. We want each business to run like an independent unit. There has been a certain execution rigour seeping into the


Has the company’s execution ability improved?

It has been driven by market forces and our ability to react while being effective. This has been the big difference. The slackness has gone away, at least in several layers, but down below in the organisation, there is still a lot of control. I tell the strategic business unit heads that the dreams and nightmares of running it are theirs while my job is to make sure we have the best people in the company.

We make sure we have the best people and rotate them through different functions — if they are able to manage change effectively, they are the leaders of tomorrow.

What is Wipro’s digital strategy ?

In digital, we do not expect great topline growth, but the idea is to build a service around this. For example, if one looks at sales functions, there are three components: handling the funnel, converting the funnel and post- sales experience. If one looks at these three components, both in the digital and physical fronts, data between both can be shared for effectiveness in each of these areas.

We will provide a service that will work in both areas, with a lot of inbuilt tools to improve effectiveness. It is going to grow slow as a service and we are not expecting rapid growth.

We believe most of the people who do mundane jobs in the service businesses will get automated out and the skill base is going to be very sharply differentiaed. The market will move towards people who have got a very high degree of skills.

Why did you announce a salary hike six months ahead?

We want to remain consistent — we do not want people to believe they are not going get a hike in June. We are always going to give salary hikes, without exception. I’am very clear that on June 1, whether it is good

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