Why celebrities in India have runaway success with brand endorsements

Oct 09 2013, 16:05 IST
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It is believed that celebrities are able to connect fast to the viewers. AP It is believed that celebrities are able to connect fast to the viewers. AP
SummaryThe positive acceptance of celebrity endorsements is quite pervasive.

One of the most commonly held belief in advertising is that celebrity endorsement enhances the effectiveness of marketing strategy. It is believed that celebrities are able to connect fast to the viewers, ultimately making the customers more likely to choose the product with a competitive edge. The positive acceptance of celebrity endorsements is quite pervasive and it’s not surprising that more than 50% of commercial ads portray them. When a brand or product is promoted by a well-known personality, it helps to increase the volume of sales, creating a mutual benefit to the company and the celebrity. These celebrity endorsements expedite brand recall which influence customer behaviour and purchase.

Companies invest huge amounts to establish their brand image with the help of celebrity endorsers. In this process, companies hire popular individuals who excel in a specific line of work. The promotional features and image of the product is closely integrated with the personality of the celebrity, to convey a message to the customers to fix their choices while purchasing a product. Although this seems to be simple, the success of a celebrity endorsed product depends on the effective framework of the ad campaigning. The company uses the creditability of the celebrity, to make products creating a niche in the market and establish itself as a brand. The celebrity's role is most prominent in personifying the product to his/her image and help it reach the customers.

In Western countries, celebrity endorsements have limited impact on consumers while purchasing a product. However, in India, the scenario is a bit different as celebrities are almost idolized here, resulting in highly impactful and effective celebrity endorsements.

Few examples are:

* Shah Rukh Khan for Hyundai Santro campaigning, Fair ‘n’ Handsome in Cosmetics

* Sachin Tendulkar for Pepsi in soft drinks, MRF tyres and Boost in Beverages

* Bollywood leading ladies in promotion of Lux beauty soaps (Lux soap was the first and is always among the top three products in India, that have been well received by consumers.)

In past few years, instances of companies opting for celebrity endorsements, to attract the diverse preferences of the customers, is increasing. The influence of celebrities has always had a greater impact on the consumers of India. These brand ambassadors can amplify the merits of the brand, which can supplement voluminous sales. The power of popular personalities have developed a kind of emotional attachment with Indian consumers and this drives them to choose a particular brand, which has

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