Will digital economy kill jobs?

Oct 21 2013, 08:34 IST
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SummaryThe recent Gartner report about the top ten predictions for IT organisations and users indicates that by the year 2020

according to the World Bank Report.

What we find in both these examples is the opportunity for Indian talent pool connected to the digital world and equipped with a variety of well honed skills, to offer their services in a competitive manner to customers around the world. While the private sector has started experimenting with such models for their domestic needs, the same models could be adopted by the state governments and the public sector enterprises who could consider lowering their costs by directly reaching out to the skilled workforce via the digital connected channels and thus make their labour pool productive and income generating. In order to make the model tick, the current expressions of work will get redefined.

For example, skilling people extremely well in the areas identified, orienting the suppliers and the consumers about how to transact in the new ecosystem, creating appreciation of the new work culture and building models that have the ability to scale and long lasting are worthy of attention. It should be noted that the proposed models have to be implemented in conjunction with other employment generation models in view of the compensation expectations and capabilities of individuals being varied. If we are successful in addressing some of the areas mentioned, such models could be significant game changers not only in terms of income generating opportunities but they would be the major enablers in discouraging migration of rural population to urban locations and encourage women to work from home in large numbers and contribute to the national economy.

The writer is CEO, Global Talent Track, a corporate training solutions company

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