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May 01 2005, 00:46 IST
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Please please everybody
There are no concessions for women either at work or at home

Is gender a casualty or a badge of honour that one uses to one’s advantage in life? Awards are given lauding women as a species for their achievements, success and victories in their careers. Women SFE spoke with, without exception, said that being a woman at a job never struck them as an oddity. Neither did they let it bother their colleagues. “At the end of the day, you have to deliver. There are no concessions on that front by being a woman or a man.”

Shereen Bhan is a familiar face on CNBC. She is producer, anchor and correspondent at CNBC-TV18. She was one among the 20 ‘women leaders’ feted by FICCI in its ‘Honouring the Honorable’ awards given out recently. Based in Delhi, Bhan has been keeping bizarre hours at her TV job. “When I began working eight years ago in the electronic media, I started at the crack of dawn, around 4.30 in the working and worked past midnight. That strategy still works for me.”

Bhan’s gender has neither bothered her at work nor affected her team, she feels. “I think being a woman, one tends to go beyond the professional and get personal. I am told I have a tendency to mother people. For instance, I worry about their safety when my team goes home very late and am anxious as to how they will report early the next day and be able to meet deadlines. I think a male boss would not worry as such. Being a woman also means one is more organised. At least that is the general perception about women. But I have worked with male bosses who have been equally so.”

Bhan has never reported to a woman boss. But being one herself now, she feels the job is akin to a double-edged sword. “One has to be professional and humane and sympathetic as well and hope no one takes advantage of it. The team has to work as a satisfied cohesive whole. But since the electronic media has an open work culture, gender bias does not exist. Nobody treats me differently because I am a woman.” The perception that women have it easier compared to a male is

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