Working women’s choice: Caesarean delivery, single child

Nov 23 2013, 01:59 IST
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SummaryLack of pain tolerance and impatience is the reason behind asking for C-section.

Caesarean deliveries and a single child are the preferences among working women these days. As per a survey conducted by a private hospital, in association with the Family Planning Association of India, 60 per cent working women wanted caesarean deliveries and 70 per cent wanted a single child.

Under the mission ‘Safe mother, safe family,’ a lecture was given to 3,000 working women of the Tricity. Later, questionnaires were given by the Bedi Hospital and Family planning Association of India. The results found that 60 per cent (1,800) working women wanted caesarean deliveries, 70 per cent (2,100) wanted a single child and 30 per cent (900) did not want to breast feed the child.

“These days majority of working women are opting for caesarean deliveries for they are not ready to bear the pain. But as a doctor, I will always suggest my patients to go for normal deliveries as they are safer,” Dr Swapna Misra, senior consultant at Fortis Hospital, said.

The doctor added that though, with medical advancements, the safety in C-section delivery has increased, it is complicated as compared to a normal delivery. “If a mother goes for caesarean the first time, there are 70 per cent chances that the next delivery will also be caesarian. There are chances that the placenta is not properly placed, which can lead to ectopic pregnancy (baby developing in fallopian tubes), which is very risky for the child,” said Dr Swapna.

Dr Misra added that caesarian babies were required to kept under ICU for long periods.

Dr Navneet from GMCH- 32 said that caesarean delivery definitely limits family planning. “A women with caesarean can only have two to three babies and there is high risk attached with the survival of the third baby,” she added.

Contrary to the above, Dr Umesh Jindal, a gynaecologist said, “C-sec deliveries are safe for today’s generation as they are not used to any physical exercise and are not mentally prepared to undergo the pain. The surgery is safe.”

Talking about the reasons why more women are choosing caesarean delivery, IMA vice-president Dr Ramneek Bedi said, “Late marriages lead to medical disorders in pregnancy (Hypertension, diabetes and thyroid problems). Also, working mothers do not undergo strengthening exercises. Lack of pain tolerance and impatience is the reason behind asking for C-section.”

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