Zanjeer's Ram Charan: Cop act

Sep 13 2013, 14:52 IST
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The best thing about Zanjeer is its length, which is only an hour and 59 minutes. The best thing about Zanjeer is its length, which is only an hour and 59 minutes.
SummaryActor Ram Charan who plays a cop in Zanjeer talks about his role.

Actor Ram Charan who plays ACP Vijay Khanna in Zanjeer talks about his role, the cop drama he loves to watch and more

Q1. What has the response to Zanjeer been?

I am very happy with the positive feedback that I have been getting for Zanjeer. In Andhra Pradesh the film has done well and I am sure it would have done better were it not for the agitation there.

Q2. What is the best thing about the film?

The best thing about the film is its length, which is only an hour and 59 minutes. Whatever we wanted to convey, we have done so in a very sharp, crisp manner and kept it to the point.

Q3. What were your reference points while playing ACP Vijay Khanna in the film?

I avoided seeing any of my dads (South star Chiranjeevi) films and how he portrayed a cop, and neither did I try to ape Mr Amitabh Bachchan in the original Zanjeer. In trying to imitate somebody else, you loose your own individuality. Hence, it was a conscious decision to stay away from anything done before and give my interpretation to the character.

Q4. Whats your characters portrayal?

Hes the way a cop should be. Look tough, walk tough and have a tough body. Without any real life references and keeping the characters antecedents in mind, we didnt work too much on it and gave the character a very realistic look.

Q5. What was the most challenging part of playing ACP Vijay Khanna?

A cop has to look energetic and tough all the time. But after shooting action scenes throughout the day, it was a challenge to look lively the next day. The camera never lies and is quick to catch the minutest details. Always looking alert was a tough task.

Q6. Which cop film have you enjoyed the most?

I am not a film buff, but I have seen Dabangg and Singham and enjoyed seeing both the films. But in Zanjeer, our portrayal of the cops is very different. Both these films belong to a different genre, as they are primarily action comedies. I am new in Bollywood, and not yet ready to play a comic character, but as I act in more Hindi films, I will also take up comedic roles.

Q7. Is there a real life cop that you admire?

Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan of the National Security Guards, who valiantly entered the Taj Mahal hotel during the 26/11 terrorist

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