App market: There is a demand for niche and targeted apps

Sep 30 2013, 10:37 IST
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SummaryThe shift from regular cellular phones to smartphones has been a smart choice for several consumers...

The shift from regular cellular phones to smartphones has been a smart choice for several consumers, who today, are able to reap several lifestyle benefits through a varied choice of applications. Applications have eased the need to wait long periods to retrieve information, thereby seamlessly integrating several benefits into one device. In fact, the opportunities for mobile apps in the developing world are endless. With the recent findings indicating that the number of smartphone users in India alone have grown to 67 million, application developers have a larger and wider market to cater their innovative offerings to.

Experts predict that by the end of 2013, the number of mobile apps downloads will reach 56 billion and the worldwide online app market will grow from approximately $6.8 billion in 2010 to $25 billion by 2013 (ABI Research). These figures quantify the fact that smartphone users are understanding the benefits of applications and many are making use of them for business and leisure. Over time, the demand for niche and targeted applications will surface creating applications that work across platforms in a single enterprise.

With organisations opening themselves to the trend of BYOD, a greater number of mobile users are seeking enterprise applications on their phones. This provides the ability to resume tasks in normalcy when they are away from their workplaces or on the move. It is in these cases that enterprise applications across platforms allow significant levels of collaboration along with mobility. According to Gartner research, 25% of enterprises will have their own app stores by 2017.

An enterprise application is expected to be reliable, perform well while providing an intuitive and efficient user interface. It can be deployed across multiple platforms and inter-operate with many other applications. Its purpose is to meet specific business requirements. It encodes business policies, processes, rules and entities developed in a business organisation and are deployed in a manner responsive to business needs.

Enterprise apps are now seen as being extremely effective in increasing productivity, reducing paperwork, and increasing revenue in ways other devices simply cannot. In fact, the comprehensive offerings have allowed frequent business travelers to do away with lugging their laptops, mobile phones, PDAs and MP3 players every time they travel.

This explosion of the mobile Web has stirred several conversations about the best approach for developing applications that give consumers what they have come to expect; typically being access to whatever form of content they

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