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Sep 01 2014, 23:36 IST
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SummaryThe entry of low-cost handsets has proliferated the use of smartphones but the key element is that enterprises want a service around these devices.

BlackBerry, once the pre-eminent player in the smartphone market is rapidly evolving into a technology company which will enable communication for all kinds of devices, be it on the Internet or otherwise, in a very secure environment. This evolution will see BlackBerry focused on four key areas: devices, enterprise software, secure messaging and its QNX operating system. Sunil Lalvani, managing director, BlackBerry India, said while remaining focused on the higher priced handset segment, they are getting a positive response from Indian enterprises for the new technologies being rolled out into the market, in an interview with PP Thimmaya.


What changes has BlackBerry undergone?

We have always been device plus company who provide services and software solutions. In the earlier days, when somebody needed a productivity tool it was a BlackBerry device with our network and security features being the key differentiator. We were rendering our service through the end points which were the devices. In the last 12-18 months, couple of things have happened which are positive for the industry. The entry of low-cost handsets has proliferated the use of smartphones but the key element is that enterprises want a service around these devices. Under the new BlackBerry, our strength around security and network architecture is being extended to non-Blackberry devices be it Android, iOS, Windows or our own operating systems. Between these five platforms, any end-point can be managed and secured through our BES range of servers. Going forward, this will be integrated to the cloud. We can cater to every enterprise segment with flexibility built into it.

What are BlackBerry’s plans in messaging segment?

One of the services that we have rolled out is BBM protected. Security is a matter to all of us and in many sectors these devices carry sensitive data. We are providing a powerful, secure instant messaging platform. As we go forward, there will be other functionality approaching all corporates. If bring your own device (BYOD) is a trend, a new one emerging is bring your own application (BYOA). Organisations are concerned about it and we have extended our functionality of security and privacy. In the future, BlackBerry will be focused on four verticals: devices, enterprise software, secure messaging and QNX operating system.

What has been the traction for BlackBerry’s operating system QNX?

In North America, there are lot of sectors like automotive, which are using QNX and it is playing to our strengths like security and device management.

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