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Jan 07 2013, 00:27 IST
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SummaryThe $62 billion American computer maker Dell is eying rapid growth in market share for its latest tablets and PCs running on the Windows 8 platform, an operating system it says would change the scenario from a ‘one person show’ and open avenues for other companies to build devices.

I can’t see anything different than that. I do think that when you add tablet to that space, it has been the kind of growth that we had historically in this business. And in case of Dell, with Windows 8, now we have the opportunity to compete across different devices.

In the longer term, there are some good things that will help growth as we go over the next couple of years like commercial customers, switching from Windows XP to 7 as it is a lot easier to buy a new system rather than go put a new operating platform on an old system. Tablets also has been a one person show so far, but now with Windows 8, it opens avenues for other companies to go and build great devices. These are all positive signs. If we do great products it will help us grow even if the market is down or flat.

When you say, it is long-term growth, what does it imply?

Over the next couple of years we see growth in the commercial space when people will upgrade their machines and convert it to Windows 7. Some of the rapid growth will come from the emerging countries in PCs. As people will buy smartphones, they will also want to upgrade their PCs. Windows 8 and touch, which works well on systems, when that comes down to $599, $499 kind of price points, will boom in the consumer markets. People will willingly go and replace their PCs, despite the phenomenal growth of smartphone devices. The market will not change tomorrow, but over a period of time.

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