Cloud and big data are key focus areas for us

Dec 17 2012, 00:38 IST
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SummaryIndia is a strategic market for EMC, the $20 billion, 53,000-people strong American enterprise and the world’s leading maker of corporate data storage equipment.

region, there might be some ups and downs but the focus on India will remain steady. In the long term, India will be a great place for us to be in – for intellectual capital as well as for business growth.

Purely-product oriented companies are becoming service-oriented. How does EMC see this?

Yes, I agree with you that purely product-oriented companies are becoming service-oriented. At the end of the day, we are a product technology company and we would not define ourselves differently. Our goal is to be the best possible product company which is also able to help with the services piece, but we do not want to pretend that we are not product company.

In order to have the right focus on engineering, right focus on innovation, you have to believe that your job is to produce the best possible product. Now, we would believe that delivery of that product to customers, or consumption of that product may change, which is back to the discussion we started a moment ago around cloud computing. It is not a technology so much but the way it is consumed. It is continuously evolving and we will respond by changing our business model. But it does not alter the fact that at our heart we are an engineering product company.

Talk to us about some other key technology trends and how EMC is aligned with them to address the requirements of the industry?

EMC is aligned with three pillars—cloud computing, big data and trust. We are focused around key areas which are critical to the growth of enterprise businesses with cloud computing and big data clearly being the two key focus areas for us. Moving forward, most organisations will use a combination of internal and external IT services to get the job done and cloud will offer them the flexibility to use resources.

Now comes trust and implementation. Of the first two is not possible without trust. There is no way that you and I can have a relationship where we share information without trust. Consider the whole debate of citizen records, data privacy and the importance of these discussions at an individual level. It means that much more for enterprises.

Big data is becoming a popular term, but what is the importance and value of big data?

I think this is a huge topic and I want to start by saying the same thing about big data that I

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