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Nov 21 2013, 00:17 IST
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SummaryThere is nothing special about sowing onion seeds.

Looking at the photograph below, one may wonder what kind of flower I am going to introduce to the readers this time. It is not an ornamental introduction but is, in fact, onion at the time of flowering. It is a sight during summers, when it is in bloom. The purpose of putting this photograph this week is to remind you that this is the time to take action — to sow onion seeds to save you the tears of buying this “precious” commodity later. You can grow them easily in your kitchen garden. There is nothing special about sowing onion seeds and you can follow the normal procedure of sowing seeds on raised beds. The top layer of soil on the bed should be tabletop flat. On this, you can put a layer of sieved farmyard manure or vermin compost. On that, set the seeds in lines and cover them with another layer of manure or compost. Keep it moist by watering at least once in a day. The seedlings can be transplanted in the second fortnight of December or first week of January.

How much water should I give to carrot, peas and radish plants?

Manvinder, Chandigarh

Carrot and peas need bare minimum watering, say twice in the whole of the plant life. Radish is normally advised to be grown on ridges separating the beds, and thus get the benefit of watering frequently.

Can I plant litchi and guava now? I have procured these plants from a nursery?

Satbir, Panchkula

Yes, now when you have procured plants, you can plant them in the confines of your home garden. Do not delay further.

The vegetables in my garden have started growing well. Do I need to add manure now for better growth? I had applied it before planting too?

Manoj, Panchkula

At this stage of growth, the manure is not added. You did right when you added it before transplanting as that was the correct time.

Can I sow karela and bhindi now?

Rakesh Sood, Mohali

No, you should not do it now. Wait till the weather warms up.

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