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Jan 24 2013, 01:18 IST
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SummaryIt was not until early 2010 that gamification started catching up as a mainstream digital strategy.

which effort is directed. For gamers, goals provide a reason to play and a way to feel progression with a sense of accomplishment.

Avatars: Avatars allow gamers to become immersed into the storyline by embodying themselves into a game character. They allow users to assume a different identity, even through personas like super heroes or super villains.

A behavioural engineering process can be applied through three phases of implementation. The strategy phase focuses on understanding business and brand requirements, as well as critical success factors.

Let us look at some companies that are already putting them to use in some of their products.

Health and fitness: One of the most recent and best-known examples of how gamification is being used in the health and fitness industry is the example of the Nike+ FuelBand. The FuelBand is strapped onto a user’s wrist and uses LED lights to form a progress meter—an indicator of how active the user has been throughout the day. This visual representation of daily activity hits the conscience of the user and innately pushes him or her to achieve a more active day.

Education: Khan Academy has revolutionised the education industry by allowing students to take self-paced classes and evaluate themselves by the number of rewards they earn from each class. A reward in the Khan Academy is a token of achievement for completing the given assignments regularly and correctly.

Food and beverage: Unilever’s Share Happy iVend, the world’s first smile-activated vending machine, offers a unique brand experience. The vending machine makes the experience of eating ice cream immersive by using an attractor screen and an interface that challenges the user to smile. The smile-o-meter encourages users to smile more and then allows them to select a free ice cream as a reward.

Gamification is great if done correctly; otherwise, it has its own pitfalls. It should be an added layer as a meaningful motivator around existing content. A game can become shallow when there’s not good content to bolster it.

The writers are information architects at SapientNitro

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