India is one of the top strategic markets for Samsung

Dec 03 2012, 02:41 IST
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SummaryGreat management and leadership is about making correct choices and taking the right decisions.

new, what’s more different about it, how is it exciting and appealing now.

What is the technology differentiator that Samsung brings to the table?

Certain technology is unique to Samsung globally like in hardware space—design and ergonomics. For example, in our display capabilities and screen technologies we have had an advantage always in terms of screen resolution. And not just in mobile phones, but mobile phones have epitomised it for us. Another example, Samsung TouchWiz as a user interface is a global differentiator—we wanted to make it more intuitive and more flowy.

In India we have music, gaming, video, education, utility services that we have created with local partners. We also create our own apps—downloadable on our smartphones and feature phones and in several devices these are pre-loaded too...these are all relevant apps for Indian users. With these new varied offerings, we intend to offer solutions to various needs of the Indian consumers through the perfect harmony of smart, innovative technology and stylish design. At Samsung we provide a range of devices across categories. This approach has helped us in offering mobile devices at different features thereby providing our customers with more choice—choice in terms of handsets, prices, applications and the platform that best suits their needs.

What according to you is the key to succeed with the Indian consumer?

Indian handset market is quite dynamic and consumer base is evolving. All issues in the market are cases of unfulfilled demand, which in turn presents itself as an opportunity. Samsung is the best placed to address these opportunities as it is a full range player and offers products in all categories and on different platforms.

The mobile consumer market has evolved and consumers are looking at buying devices that best suit their individual and business needs. Samsung is the only platform agnostic player with the widest range of smartphones at affordable price points. This allows us to offer the largest portfolio of smartphones to our consumers, giving them more choice.

Tell us about your sales, marketing and branding strategy that has contributed to success of Samsung in India.

A lot of sustained effort has gone to make us where we stand in India. We stood for one brand value—Next is what? We reorganised and re-chartered our brand and business strategy based on innovation.

The tagline was born out of that attitude—consumers are looking for the next, looking for beyond and therefore looking through Samsung. Hence our entire

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