Kick box office collections: 3 reasons why Salman Khan movies become blockbusters

Aug 14 2014, 08:57 IST
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Salman Khan's latest movie 'Kick' has generated over Rs 220 cr in box office collections (India) so far. Salman Khan's latest movie 'Kick' has generated over Rs 220 cr in box office collections (India) so far.
SummaryUnlike Aamir and Shah Rukh Khan, all Salman Khan does is just be the unapologetic him.

Yes, his acting has critics double-face-palming at every third shot, his action defies the laws of Physics, his dance looks like Hulk being tickled, and his scripts have destroyed the reputation of Bollywood writers irreparably, yet, Salman Khan films make huge impact with big box office collections.

While a Shah Rukh Khan has to be careful with his words to keep his fandom intact and an Aamir Khan has to hold the urge of doing more than one film a year (so he gets the undisputed attendance of his stardom-starved fans on that one Friday of the year), all Salman Khan does is just be the unapologetic him (with all his girlfriend-abuse rumours, blackbuck and hit-and-run cases being all out there, in-your-face).

If Shah Rukh Khan were to be guilty of such cases, he would've been 'sent to Pakistan' while Aamir Khan's films would've been boycotted for life by different state legislatures.

So, WHY and HOW do Salman Khan movies become blockbusters in Bollywood?

1. Salman kicking the goons in their balls, gives Indians a kick

Secretly, Indian audience is NOT yet over the Trouble-my-girl-and-I-knock-your-face practice in films. All the more now when the masses (women, especially) are exasperated reading about rapes every now and then, a nice-looking, macho (yet mostly a sitiya-baaz, roadside lover) Salman Khan kicks the balls of goons in his films for his ladylove, the audience gets a strange rushing adrenalin satisfaction. (Again, especially the women, who derive most satisfaction through Salman Khan, unsure if their own partners would EVER do the same for them)

2. Indians LOVE haughty and naughty stars

As much as people deny it, they can't help but be just star struck of stars with fiery tantrums. Be it the news of turning up late for shoots, slapping a fan or mocking another star. Again, Indians love the whole aura of a 'star' to the hilt. They expect a hero on screen to be a hero off screen. With Salman Khan's philanthropic acts every now and then, and the Being Human venture, people cannot help but fall in love with this sugar-and-spice personality. He isn't perfect, he admits it and his fans appreciate that and hence, they even believe what he does in his films. And having dated the reigning ladies of Bollywood (should rather be put as, having made those ladies reign in Bollywood) and being audaciously unmarried while actors his age are discussing bringing

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