Kodawari/Komakai: Japanese 'Uniqueness' means business

Jun 13 2014, 14:33 IST
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SummaryOut of Many Japanese business philosophies Kodawari and Komakai concepts...

Out of Many Japanese business philosophies Kodawari and Komakai concepts has been the driving force behind the best of everything in Japan, Be it design of industrial control products or Manufacturing of some minute electronic to Robust Robot Systems. These Two concepts [Kodawari and Komakai] results in the form of meticulous attention to detail and fierce dedication to quality produces a 360 degree approach which takes into account all aspects of a product or service in order to offer an amazing experience from start to finish –ultimately reaching to profitabiliy of business.

Recently, The Two Big names of Japanese companies – de-activated themselves from Indian Market, While the Big MultiBrand retailer from Japan is Keenly eyeing to foray in India`s retail market.

There are plenty of reasons always – which we get to hear for exiting an potential market such as India; not limited to quality, pricing, or other issues such as regulatory hassles, lack of infrastructure and so on. But what makes Japanese Companies grow and flourish in domestically where every natural resource is in scarce or elsewhere markets where adversaries are part and parcel of business. In this article let’s take look on how makes Japanese companies build their Brand, Business with their unique Style!

The Japanese are well-known globally to be meticulous and thorough. Particularly in the fields of manufacturing and customer service, this notion has not only spread throughout the rest of the world, but also amongst the Japanese themselves; hence, the Japanese are very loyal to and reliant on products and services that wear the label of “Made in Japan”. One of the main factors that allow the Japanese to be so trusting of the Japanese label are the kodawari and komakai –a Unique concept that are prevalent in the entire culture. As most people that have grown up in the midst of Japanese culture have become accustomed to everybody else to being extremely attentive to detail, this practice has become one of the foundations on which the Japanese build and expand their society, their global business and as part of their culture.

The concepts of kodawari and komakai are very similar yet slightly different. Kodawari captures more of the relentless pursuit towards achieving quality and other particular features that make the product or service unique in itself. For example, a restaurant might serve food made only of fresh organic ingredients or high-quality, domestic ingredients.

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