Kodawari/Komakai: Japanese 'Uniqueness' means business

Jun 13 2014, 14:33 IST
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SummaryOut of Many Japanese business philosophies Kodawari and Komakai concepts...

somewhat nitpicky when it comes to getting what they expect to receive. It has, however, made them grow at the same time. Through these two concepts, the standards of the kinds of products and services that go on the Japanese market have become extremely high, and have therefore contributed to the production of reliable products and services that can be exported to other countries that goes for mass acceptance. In global atmosphere where Mass Production means cheaper products – Japanese products and business models have been always on Super performance, Premium Pricing yet with Mass acceptance. In a Global market where full of Mass Production competitors exists with much cheaper products, these Japanese concepts may appear to be failure. However that is not the case so far! Japanese Companies ensure that all stages of the customer journey are extraordinary with these two concepts build their brand and business Soaring! There are more than 1000 Japanese companies which are 300 plus years old and still in operation with profitabiliy. Sustaiabaility sustains these philoshophies.

With natural resources relatively scarce in Japan, these two concepts have stood imperative for the growth of Japanese economy and the entire society. The growth of the economy from this angle has also been essential in further developing Japan’s relationships with the rest of the world, as well as for the country’s own maturation. On the more individual level, the kodawari and komakai Unique concept of the Japanese are sure to keep acting as triggers that will help bring new ideas and high-quality products and services.

So the question is, Why Japanese companies are unable to bring or implement these business philosophies in Indian Market, Why they exit or deactivate themselves for number of reasons that are seen everywhere else in the world or for that matter not new only to India. One can assume that Japanese companies are unable to implement their business concepts on the services and products they introduce in India or there may be no simple answer exists. Arguments can be made on many different dimensions why a complete exit is necessary from an Potential Market. If one market Business philsophy is unable to get the edge in another market then Perhaps Business Philosophy itself needs to be changed according to the Market specifics for survival.

Junko Nirmala

Junko Nirmala is a Tokyo resident with 15 years of experience in technology and business consulting

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