Manmohan Singh in speech praises UPA on economic growth, hits out at Narendra Modi

Jan 03 2014, 15:25 IST
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SummaryManmohan Singh staunchly defends UPA economic growth record, takes pot shots at Narendra Modi.

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on Friday sought to dispel the perception of policy paralysis when he addressed a press conference, broadly speaking on three areas - politics, economy and foreign affairs - outlining what has been achieved and what remains to be done.

Addressing the media, Manmohan Singh said he will hand over the top job to a new leader after general elections due by May.


* We will reflect on the results of assembly elections and learn appropriate lessons: PM

* No individual or authority can substitute the due process of democratic governance: PM.

* Global growth cycle turning for the better: Prime Minister.

* All emerging economies including India faced slowdown in the past couple of years: PM

* We are set for better times, says PM highlighting growth rate in past 9 years is the highest.

* Number of people below poverty line has come down: PM.

* Inspite of unprecedented Parliamentary hold-up, we have passed several important laws: PM

* Concerned over not generating employment in manufacturing sector; need efforts to support medium and small enterprises: PM.

* Not successful in controlling inflation, need to increase supplies to keep food prices under control:PM

* Worry about inflation is legitimate but income for most people have increased faster than inflation: PM

* Any wrong doing in government decisions will be punished through due process of law: PM

* I will hand over the charge to a new Prime Minister after the elections in a few months: PM

* We have not been successful in controlling persistent inflation primarily because food inflation has increased: PM

* We will continue to implement our policies to revive growth, promote enterprise, generate employment and eliminate poverty: PM

* We will announce the Congress PM candidate at an appropriate time: PM.

* Corruption charges against government relate to UPA-I and people of the country have not heeded to those charges and given us a second term: PM

* When history is written, we will come out unscathed: PM

* I have ruled myself out as a PM candidate if UPA comes back to power. Rahul Gandhi has outstanding credentials to be the PM candidate: PM

* I am confident that people will recognise the need for an alliance led by Congress for carrying out economic and social revolutions: PM.

* Price rise was a factor in people turning against Congress in the recent assembly polls: PM

* It was in fact I who insisted on transparency in coal block allocation: PM

* I regret that the benefits of implementation of Sachar Committee recommendations could not reach all people: PM

Price rise could be a factor for people turning against Congress party: Surge in intern'l commodity, energy prices made effective price control difficult: PM

* So long as we are in power we will continue to push the ball of reforms: PM.

* I have served the country with utmost dedication and integrity. I have never used my office to enrich my friends or relatives: PM

* I did not get time to apply my mind on allegations against Himachal Pradesh Chief Minister Virbhadra Singh : PM

* There are some hiccups and temporary aberrations. Diplomacy should be given a chance to resolve issues between India and the US: PM

* If you measure the strength of Prime Minister by presiding over mass massacre of innocent citizens on streets of Ahmedabad, then I do not believe in it: PM

* Under compulsion of coalition politics I have served as best I could: PM

* We have maintained and sustained the momentum of rapid economic growth: PM

* It has worked exceedingly well, PM on dual centres of power with Congress President.

* I have not been able to visit Pakistan as circumstances were not appropriate to achieve solid results. Still hopeful of making it during my tenure: PM

* I have always felt that our government would have strengthened if Rahul Gandhi had joined it: PM

* Nobody (in Congress) has asked me to step down because of any inadequacies as Prime Minister: PM

* My best moment as PM was when we struck a nuclear deal with the US, says PM

* Corruption is an issue. Aam Admi Party has been able to make success out of their concerns of eradication of corruption, says PM

* Dealing with corruption not an easy process. All parties must collectively grapple with it, says PM

* I have publicly apologised to the Sikh community on behalf of the government. What happened in 1984 should have never happened: PM

* I still have not thought through what I will do after my tenure ends as Prime Minister, says PM

* No decision on raising quota of subsidised LPG cylinders: PM

* It is not a disadvantage or drawback to make corrections on the direction of party leadership in national interest: PM

* History will be kinder to me than the contempory media and the opposition parties in Parliament: PM

* Will endeavour to create an atmosphere to pass five-six anti-corruption bills in Parliament, says PM

* My two terms have displayed the Congress' ability to run a coalition government. Compromises were made in peripheral issues and not on national problems, says PM

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