Movie Review: Salman Khan in 'Kick' is 'Unjhelable'

Jul 27 2014, 15:55 IST
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When Salman Khan starts getting close to his noble 'Being Human' image, 'Kick' becomes a yawn. When Salman Khan starts getting close to his noble 'Being Human' image, 'Kick' becomes a yawn.
SummaryAs befits a Salman Khan spectacle, 'Kick' plot is completely cuckoo.

Movie Review: Kick

Cast: Salman Khan, Jacqueline Fernandes, Randeep Hooda, Nawazudin Siddiqui, Mithun Chakraborty

Director: Sajid Nadiadwala

IE Rating: **

What this lovely word means is 'unbearable', though it can’t come remotely close to the tedium that the original describes. Salman Khan's leading lady says it to him. About him. Yes, gasp, addressing the one and the only Sallu Bhai, who appears in his latest In and As avatar in ‘Kick’.

We duly crack a smile. Look, look, Bhai is sending himself up. He’s letting his heroine crack a good one at his expense. Because he knows that he is anything but. And that he’s just waiting for her to finish the scene and leave, to get into his 'Dabangg’ mode, for the hall will burst into hoots and claps and whistles.

That’s what a viewing of ‘Kick’ comes down to. I found it more or less ‘jhelable’ when Salman is not taking himself seriously, blowing a cherry at us. When the film starts getting him close to his noble Being Human image, it becomes a yawn. Salman kickin’ it is fine, but tearin’ up? Nahiiiiiin.

The plot, as befits a Salman Khan spectacle, is completely and delightfully cuckoo. Devi Lal Singh (Khan) is a guy who wanders about searching for kicks. His father (Chakraborty) eggs him on in his pursuit. Devi runs into the sexy Shaina (Fernandes), but before anything can happen , he’s off and away. It’s time for Devi’s alter-ego, Devil, to show up, and be chased by a cop (Hooda), and a crook (Siddiqui) here and there and everywhere.

Never mind these niceties. We know that a Salman film is created solely to display his popular quirks and his one-liners and his ‘andaaz’, all of which are designed to send his fans into a swoon. Simple. When the the story dares to fling such complex phrases as ‘retrograde amnesia’ and ‘conservative management’ at us, we fling them right back as we wait for Salman to slam it.

What makes ‘Kick’ interesting, apart from some unfettered Salman moments, is Siddiqui in full flow. His villainy is very Bollywood, with a trademark evil laugh, but self-aware and vivid at the same time: there are scenes he steals from everyone, including, sacrilege, from the Khan, even though the latter gets to throw away one of the most famous lines in movie history, with a wink : you talking to

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