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Dec 09 2013, 08:48 IST
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LinkedIn offers users, most of whom pay nothing for the service, a chance to hone and increase their contacts. LinkedIn offers users, most of whom pay nothing for the service, a chance to hone and increase their contacts.
SummaryLinkedIn, the networking site for professionals, can raise your profile and help you find a new job, but only if it is used properly

upon company executives that you’ve become familiar with in the group.

By commenting in groups, others will send your comments to a network of which you may not be a part, and your name recognition will spread. The strategy is to help others, and by so doing, more people will pay attention to you. One source of attention you may not want, however, is a relatively new LinkedIn feature called Endorsements. LinkedIn culls profiles and then suggests to your first-level contacts (those to whom you have directly linked) that they endorse you for skills LinkedIn’s algorithms think you may have.

Unfortunately, those suggestions can be inaccurate. For example, television engineer Mark Schubin once received an endorsement for his voice-over work, a skill he does not have and work he has never done. While you can refuse any endorsement and not list endorsements for skills you no longer wish to promote, Schubin and others in the “Stop Endorsements” LinkedIn group don’t like the fact that their contacts will assume they have skills and jobs that they actually don’t.

“Turn off endorsements,” Prodromou said. “They don’t add any value. I think they’ll go away.” Do these promotional strategies work? Several months ago, Prodromou started spending 30 minutes a day posting and updating on LinkedIn. He saw a 140% increase in people viewing his profile in the first 10 days and traffic to his personal website grew 400%. Three times as many people reached out to him for help and he picked up two new clients.

Sandler spends several minutes a day posting on LinkedIn. “People find me on LinkedIn,” said Sandler, who gets the bulk of the clients for her marketing company from activity there. “I open the site every morning.”

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