PM Narendra Modi sets 2022 deadline for water, electricity and toilet in every house

Jun 11 2014, 20:47 IST
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Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the Parliament in New Delhi. PTI Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the Parliament in New Delhi. PTI
SummaryPM Narendra Modi vows to convert 'our image from scam India' to 'skill India'

done with the freedom struggle.

He also had some assuring words for the states as he said, "We don't believe in big brother attitude (towards states). We believe in Cooperative Federalism."

While talking about "musalman bhai", Modi said his government would have a "focussed activity" to change their lives as they cannot be left behind in development.

He took a dig at those questioning how the agenda outlined in the President's address would be implemented, saying it was "natural" for people to be apprehensive after "an atmosphere of despair" for so many years.

The Prime Minister said he had faced similar questions and apprehensions even when he first became the Chief Minister of Gujarat in 2001 but he had shown them that it can be done.

"We will leave no stone unturned in implementing the roadmap outlined by the President," he said, underlining that the President's address has a lot of sanctity.

Referring to the big mandate his party got in the elections, he said the government is the "custodian of people's hope" and has the responsibility to deliver.

"Chhoti moti nok jhonk to hoti hi hai (small exchanges do occur in Parliament between government and opposition)," he said but added that he will carry all parties along in taking the country forward.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said several sections of the country have been left behind in development.

"I am not alleging that no government tried to bring change in the lives of backward classes, tribals, etc. Money was spent but still there is no change," he said, adding this has to be changed.

"By 2022, we should do one task. There should be nobody in the country who does not have a house with water, electricity, toilet. This is the minimum task we should do.

"If we make programme for 8-9 years, remembering freedom fighters like Bhagat Singh and Rajguru, we can provide house to all. If we can do this if we have commitment," he said.

Referring to recent incidents of rape in Uttar Pradesh, including Badaun, he said strong actions should be taken to stop violence against them.

"For whom should the government be? For educated people or few others. Government should be for the poor. If rich want to educate their children, they can send anywhere. If rich fall ill, hundreds of doctors at service.

"So the foremost responsibility of the government should be to listen to the poor and work for them. If we do not work for

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