Review Nokia Lumia 525: Best weapon against Android

Feb 16 2014, 12:59 IST
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Nokia Lumia 525: Best weapon against Android. Nokia Lumia 525: Best weapon against Android.
SummaryAre you looking for your first smartphone for around Rs 10,000? Nokia Lumia 525 is a great choice.

supports a microSD card of up to 64 GB. This is sufficient for most people. Once every two or three months, you will have to remove apps you dont use to free up space. Other than that, as long as youre storing photos and videos on the microSD card, the phone should not run out of space.

Software: Windows Phone 8 has received crucial updates in the past year. One of these has cured the OS of the other storage bug that would eat up all space on your phone. The OS works well and we did not face any random reboots or stutters. I could not synchronise contacts from my Google account with the Lumia 525. Instead, I used the Transfer My Data app to pull contacts from my primary phone. Apart from chat apps such as WhatsApp, most apps worked well on Lumia 525. With chat apps, notifications were often delayed. Every time I opened WhatsApp, I found several unread messages for which I had not received notifications.

Camera: The Lumia 525′s camera is similar to the one on its predecessor. The 5-MP autofocus camera takes satisfactory pictures in daylight with good colour reproduction. However, pictures lost details when clicked in low light. Pictures shot at night were grainy. Lumia 525 does not have a front camera, so if you love selfies or make a lot of video calls, this is not the best phone for you.

Battery: The battery life of the Lumia 525 is satisfactory. It lasted a little less than a day on moderate use involving a few calls, gaming, browsing, social networks and chatting. Heavy use takes a toll on the battery, so it would be wise to invest in a portable battery pack.

Verdict: Windows Phone has its shortcomings, but is a smooth and stable operating system. The Lumia 525 is an incremental upgrade over the 520, and is a good alternative to Android phones for the price (Rs 10,399). The 520 is still available for around Rs 8,000, in case youre short on cash and gaming isnt on your mind.

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