Samsung Galaxy Tab S: Premium all the way

Aug 21 2014, 02:16 IST
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SummaryIf you are looking for a tablet which you want to use for productivity as well as fun, then the Tab S is a good choice

Tablets are no longer creating the buzz in the market as it seems buyers around the world, especially those who dont have too much spare cash lying around, are moving towards the large phone. This is why even among tablets the smaller sizes are doing much better than the 10-inchers. While we have seen lots of 7-inch tablets in recent weeks, it is after a while that a premium tablet has hit the shelves. Here is the Samsung Tab S.

w Design: This is where the

Tab S is a stunner, primarily

because it is the thinnest tablet around by far. At 6.6 mm, it is not much thicker than the thinnest smartphones around. What this wafer thin body gives the user is a solid grip for using the device as a tablet or phone. The phone has a bit of bling too in the form of a golden rim around the body, may be catering to the kind of price segment the Tab S finds itself in. The tab also sports a Galaxy S5 like perforated rear, which adds to the grip while using the device. All the buttons and slots are on the right edge, while under the display you have a home key flanked by recent and back.

w Screen: You would expect any Samsung device to have a stunning screen, after all that is one of their core businesses. The Tab S does a step ahead and gives you a 2560 x 1600p which is better than Full HD. And it shows. Pretty much everything looks good on this screen. The screen is ideal for watching Full HD video streams or movies. The audio quality is also pretty decent. But the high resolution screen makes content on some pages, especially those that open in mobile mode, look really time. The screen changes according to the content you are watching and also gives you the option to choose modes like in televisions.

w Performance: This tab has been made to perform, with one of the best processors in the market. It is as if multitasking is what gives the tab a high and Samsung has created it for this very thing. You can play a Full HD video and open the Chrome browser in the rest of the screen using multi-window and tab wont complain. But like with other Snapdragon devices, this one too heats up a bit when

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